Thonon-les-Bains funicular

It links the city center to the Rives harbour since 1888.
Conceived by the engineer Auguste Alesmonières, inaugurated on Easter Monday, April 2th, 1888, Thonon funicular was built to overcome some of the communication difficulties between the city and the harbour. During its existence, the funicular has always been operational.
The funicular was only episodically stopped for various technical or political reasons. It was renovated on three occasions: in 1951, then in 1989 (to modernize its mechanism) and recently in 2010.
The total length of the line is 230 meters, including 86.8 meters of curves.
It’s the only funicular in the world with a crossing in a curve. Each vehicle can carry 53 passengers.

Data sheet

Firm number 740003
Category FUN-Funiculaire
Name FUN Rives-Thonon
Opening year 1990
Last refurbishment year 1990
Operator SA Transports agglo Thonon
Main manufacturer SKIRAIL
Authorized up traffic 1582 p/h
Authorized down traffic 1582 p/h
Uphill operating speed 3.0 m/s
Downhill operating speed 3.0 m/s
Altitude difference 46.0 m
Lower station elevation 377 m
Upper station elevation 423 m
Developed lenght 243.0 m
Horizontal length 218 m
Spacing 0.0
Maximum gradient (%) 20 %
Average gradient 21,1
Theoretical operating speed 3.03 m/s
Theroretical up traffic 1600 p/h
Theoretical down  traffic 1600 p/h
Motor cab position Uphill
Installation year 2006 (2006 original)
Function Uphill haul rope
Position Uphill
Ultimate strength (UTS) 24945.0 DecaN
Diameter 19.5 mm
Main engine type Continuous
Engine power