Saint-Just funicular

The Saint-Just funicular is one of the two funicular lines still in operation in Lyon. It links the Vieux Lyon – Cathédrale Saint-Jean station to the top of the Fourvière hill. It is operated on a single track with a passing section.
Fourvière line has been modernized in 1970. The 2 vehicles have been replaced, the old ones going in two different museums: one at the Henri-Malartre Automobile museum in Rochetaillée-Sur-Saône and the other on at the Urban, Intercity and Rural Transport museum in Chelles.

Data sheet

Station LYON
Firm number 690002
Category FUN-Funiculaire
Name Saint Just
Opening year 1985
Last refurbishment year 1985
Operator TCL
Main manufacturer SKIRAIL
Authorized up traffic 3050 p/h
Authorized down traffic 3050 p/h
Uphill operating speed 8.0 m/s
Downhill operating speed 8.0 m/s
Altitude difference 91.0 m
Lower station elevation 165 m
Upper station elevation 256 m
Developed lenght 783.0 m
Horizontal length
Maximum gradient (%) 18 %
Average gradient
Theoretical operating speed 8.0 m/s
Theroretical up traffic 3050 p/h
Theoretical down  traffic 3050 p/h
Motor cab position Uphill
Installation year 2001 (origine 2001)
Function Continuous traction
Ultimate strength (UTS) 11316.0 DecaN
Diameter 39.5 mm
Main engine type Continuous
Engine power 884.0 kW